Book Erotic Preview #1

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Book Erotic Preview #1

An excerpt from The Argon Factor.  Coming Fall 2015!

Why wouldn’t she want to touch his muscular chest?

He leaned her back on the couch and deftly unbuttoned her blouse, pushing it to the side and running his hands over her breasts.  He lightly tickled her right nipple, causing it to become fully erect.

She moaned into his mouth and wished he would pinch her nipple and give her some release.  But he continued to torment her as he moved to her left nipple and did the same thing.  She pushed her chest up at him and into his hand.  He knew what she wanted, but again he teased her by putting his mouth over her nipple and sucking lightly, with her bra still separating her from pure pleasure.  She moaned again, because she wanted more.  She wanted to touch him too.

She grabbed his dark-green t-shirt and started pulling it up and over his head.  She was in awe again, as she was every time he took off his shirt.  ‘He is so fucking beautiful, it hurts my eyes,’ she thought, as she blissfully raised her hands to touch his shoulders, and feel her way chestdown his arms and back up again.  This time her hands journeyed down his chest, and she felt his full and hard pecs before going down to his waist and around to his back.  He’s hard and solid beneath her hands.  She pulled her body up to touch herself to him. “Oh God, if only we were naked,” she thought she said to herself, until to her amazement, he answered.

“Well, we can take care of that.” He gets up off the couch and grabs her hand to pull her off the couch.