Integrating with Earth Humans

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Integrating with Earth Humans

The Spirit’s Destiny had been docked outside the Earth’s atmosphere for several centuries. While the humans were still too primitive when the colony ship initially reached the planet, they were able to use the Earth’s resources to exist on their colony ship until they developed a plan.

Earth was one of the planets the Argon scientists have been visiting for many millennia.  They had already conducted several experimentations integrating with the humans. Because the humans had not progressed enough intellectually, the Argonians could not immediately integrate.  The technology and information overload would be too much for them to handle when they didn’t even have electricity.

After Argon’s sun blew up, The Spirit’s Destiny came to the Milky Way, but kept their distance while they collaborated with other spacedomes. At least three other Space Domes were expecting to join them in the coming years, but it could take a few hundred years, given how far away they were  Since they were the only dome to find a suitable planet, they had time to experiment and fine-tune their plan while the other domes changed course and headed to the Milky Way. .

Some growth over time was the only thing that would advance the human race without overwhelming them. The strategy was to integrate with the humans and pretend to be one of them, slowly introducing advanced thinking.  Their intent:  speed up the advancement of the human race.

Luckily for the Argonians, being an advanced species of human, their looks were the same as humans, except Argonians didn’t become obese like humans. Their body acidity level was much higher.  But they were stronger, leaner, and healthier than humans; mainly because they were more intelligent about their lifeforms.

Argonians had learned nutrition many eons ago and stopped producing any food that did not provide nutritional value. Removing meaningless food, ‘empty calories’ the humans call them, had improved their race to the point that most Argonians lived 400 -500 years and aged slowly. In addition, their metaphysical capabilities were beyond the humans’ imagination. It was the most difficult element to educate the humans about.

In their attempt to share their technology with humans and help advance them, they’d done studies on the humans, putting them on strict diets, exercise regimes and special supplements. The result was stronger, leaner, and longer living humans. Berries on a white background.Besides nutrition, the major problem with humans was the increasing atmospheric pollution surrounding Earth. This, more than anything was hurting their lifespan. The Argonians had special supplements and cleansing therapies they used to keep them from being affected by the Earth’s pollution. In the last century, they had helped the humans see the error of their ways and they were slowly changing. As with most things human, it would take time, but the Argonians were passing on technology secrets and other helpful advancements to try to move this along faster.

While the Argonians did their human research on dietary habits, they researched inter-breeding. Given the similarity in the races, there was only a slight blood and fluid difference that was handled by a supplement the Argonians would take. It would make their blood and bodily fluids less acidic so as not to harm the humans. Without taking the supplement, if an Argonian kissed a human, they would make the human sick and possibly kill them.

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