Shitty Cat Piss

Posted by on Oct 22, 2015 in Are You Kidding Me?

Shitty Cat Piss

I sat down in my desk chair and immediately smelled cat pee.  Cat pee has a distinct smell over dog pee, definitely more fragrant and not in a good way.  I had a headache and I didn’t feel like dealing with damn cat pee first thing this morning.  After logging on my computer, I got up to take the dogs for a walk first before having to clean it up.

After the dog walk, I was fortified and determined to clean this offending smell.  I knew the cat was pissed off at me because of the new puppy, but geez… this piss stinks!  Armed with a fresh roll of paper towels and Nature’s Miracle Urine spray, I search for the offensive odor.  It is easily pinpointed as you can see the wetness on the tile flowing from the closet towards my desk.  Oh crap, that means it’s on the dog bed, and now I have to wash that too!  OMG! 

I grab the dog bed and take it outside, where I’ll have to strip it down to wash the outside and treat/air out the inside.  Back in the office, I kneel on the floor and I get to work, sopping up the piss and then spraying, alternately wiping all the cat pee off the tile in front of my desk.  Then I have to go around and clean it up from the inside, underneath my desk. 

The odor intensified as I got under the desk.  Man, I really hate cat pee.  I found a dog toy up in the corner at the entry point and it has basically been marinating in the cat pee.  Oh joy!  Well, I take it to he washer to put in with the dog bed stuff.  Finally, all is cleaned and I can sit at my desk and get to some serious work.

As I sit down, there’s still a horrible smell coming from under my desk.  Only this time, it has more of a dog shit odor.  Did I mention, the only thing I hate worse than cat piss is dog shit?!  The smell is just awful!! So I go back for the paper towels and Nature’s Miracle, get on my hands and knees under my desk and clean again.  Only this time I completely move out my footstool, which I clean all over, and I find another dog toy.  This one too has been marinating in the cat pee and looks to be the end of the cat pee stream.  Off it goes to the washer.

I go back to sit at my desk, certain all is well and there’s no more horrible odor.  The cat piss smell is definitely gone, but as I continue to work for a couple more hours, I still every now and again smell this awful dog shit smell.  Seriously, what the hell could it be?  I looked all

Jack at just 5 months old under my desk.

Jack, 5 mos old, under my desk on his clean dog bed.

over the room and no sign of dog shit anywhere.  I crawled under the desk several more times, but every time, not a single whiff of dog shit odor and not a scent of cat piss either.  All is definitely well under there.  Yet, still —  sitting down, in my chair, I can clearly smell it.  Finally, I can’t stand it anymore and decide to get a breath of fresh air before I attempt to clean the floor of the desk area again.

The dogs would love a walk anyway, so I get them together — outside we go for a little walk.  As I step off my porch onto the sidewalk, I smell that dog shit smell again.  I look all around and there’s no dog shit anywhere to be found.  I know my new puppy, Jack, hasn’t shit anywhere in this vicinity, so WTF?  Then I it occurs to me…..  I lift up my foot to look on the bottom of my Birkenstock sandal and voila, there on my left sole is dog shit;  mashed and mushed all in the tiny squiggle design of my shoes!!  No wonder the smell went away when I was kneeling under the desk… my feet were behind me!  Seriously, are you kidding me?!

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