The Argonian Series

Welcome to the New Milky Way Universe, where the aliens from planet Argon have educated the Earth humans for centuries.  They have cultivated Earth’s society, bringing it along so a merger with Argon culture is possible.  But, the speed of that integration is having to be sped up due to the threat of the Grogans, another alien species from the Argon home universe, Baldracon, vying for the Earth and it’s resources.Book Cover for website

The Baldracon Universe was several million light years from Earth.  Their primary sun exploded forcing all species from the universe in order to survive.  Only the Argons and Grogans escaped the destruction.

Now that the Grogans have found this Argon colony, they have begun interfering with their own attempts at integration on Earth, the Argonians had to speed up the learning curve; make it a little steeper in order to save the humans.  It was time for the humans to begin learning there are others like them in other universes…..