Top 10 Things I Love About My Washer/Dryer

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Top 10 Things I Love About My Washer/Dryer

Recently, I was given a washer and dryer…newer than the ones I had, yet not as fancy.  But there’s grace in simplicity that is truly a blessing.  Here’s my top 10 reasons I love the new ones.

1. The fact that I actually have a washer and dryer in my home.

If you’ve ever had to use a laundry mat to wash and dry your clothes, you can truly appreciate this as the top reason/

2.   The washer and dryer are flat on top.

My previous units were supposed to be all fancy with this curved design, but it actually sucked!  Stacked, folded clothes are already precariously sitting on a flat surface, so add a curved surface and what a freakin’ mess!

3.  There are more options but fewer buttons and gadgets.

You’re probably wondering how this can be possible, but it is!  The dials allow you to set things in between cold and warm if you wish.  The dryer has an entire dial worth of different settings, instead of set, standard digital selections.

4.  The dryer has many more options for how to dry in a simple easy to use dial.

The older washer was all digital, it still didn’t have the various options available on this newer one, like More Dry, Fluff, and De-Wrinkle.  Not to mention, the timed settings, plus the ability to set it in between all the settings because the options are set with a dial.

5.  The lent tray is in the inside door of the dryer.  Easy access.

Horizontal photo of female hand taking the lent out from dirty air filter of the dyer machine

The worst type of lent removal!

This is so much easier and less dust impacting than the older one where you had to pull out the lent tray from the top of the dryer.  OMG… what a freakin’ dust mess that made not only on the top of the dryer where I like to set folded clothes, but also just in the air, making you sneeze and cough.  You always had to move the clothes so they didn’t get dusty, then you had to dust off the top of the dryer again.  What a pain in the ass!

6.  The dryer door is easier to open/close and opens wider!

7.   The washing machine actually cleans the clothes better than the older one. 

Clearly this is a no-brainer, but the older one was the same newer-style gyration cycle, but didn’t clean the clothes nearly as good as this newer one.

8.  These units are slightly smaller and don’t fill up as much space as the older ones.

While the difference in capacity is only .4 cubic feet, it is amazing how much more compact the newer units are.  Yet, when you look inside them,  you are amazed at how freakin’ large they look.  They actually look larger than the older ones that claim to be larger.  The newer units don’t take up as much space, thus feel cleaner.

interior of a washing machine

The new ones have stainless steel bins!!

9.  You put the laundry soap in the bottom before loading in the clothes.

The older version had a laundry dispenser on the side where you would put the detergent.  As a human, sometimes you would drip slightly on the edge.  Frequently, the machine’s water didn’t get all of the detergent that after a while builds up.  Plus, it is another place to collect dust and dirt that has to be cleaned.

10.   The washer actually works throughout the entire cycle, finishing on it’s own.

Again, this is expected performance of one’s washing machine.  However, my former one was completely digital and there was some computer glitch causing me to have to press the pause and restart button 10-12 times at the start of the cycle and again 7-10 times at the rinse cycle.  After a while this becomes a pain in the ass, not to mention making it mandatory for you to be there and attend the washing machine to ensure it completes an entire cycle.

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