Unspoken Rules of Consensual Sex

Posted by on Jul 8, 2015 in Book Insights, Sex

Unspoken Rules of Consensual Sex

Unspoken rules of consensual sex involve:  1) Diseases 2) Pregnancy

As a single person having heterosexual sex comes with certain rules.   First rule is diseases.   Do you or don’t you accept the risk of catching something?  There are definitely condoms to help protect.  Certainly there’s the uneasy approach of broaching the topic and encouraging a conversation.  Even more awkward, actually exchanging recent test results.   Whatever your decision, ultimately you accept the risk, even though you’ve reduced it and/or dealt with it in your own mind.

Second rule is pregnancy.  Unless a woman wants to get pregnant, she needs to make sure she chooses a birth control method.   For a man, if he doesn’t want to risk pregnancy, he must ask the questions or take the necessary precautions.  

The unspoken rule comes in when neither person asks the other.   If there’s no conversation or question prior to sex, unless you are the one taking the precaution, pregnancy is on the table.   Unprotected sex between two humans can result in pregnancy unless one partner has a fertility problem.

What if the female has an inability to conceive?  She then feels she has control.    She knows pregnancy is off the table unless special drugs and procedures are used.  For her, no pregnancy conversation is needed.

But what if the man could control the release of his reproductive sperm?   What if men always controlled whether or not a woman has a chance of conceiving?  What if the man wasn’t human?  What if this alien didn’t require special drugs to make his sperm match with a human’s egg?   What if this alien was trying to act like a human and be human, accepting these unspoken rules of consensual sex?  He would consider pregnancy an option.  He releases his reproductive sperm, knowing it’ll result in a pregnancy…  #rulesofconsensualsex #sex #aliensex #SciFi #romance #HeatherHarlow #author #TheArgonFactor #EroticSciFi #Aliens #Argonians